vision and values


The Shaftesbury Partnership is committed to catalysing social reform and action in the 21st Century to rival the explosion of mass philanthropic engagement and activity last seen in the 18th and 19th Century in England, which was spearheaded by Lord Shaftesbury and his peers.

We believe that the disadvantage that is entrenched in too many of our communities is the result of systemic disconnects: between the private sector and social values, between the public sector and commercial practices and innovation, and between traditional service delivery and the realities of human behaviour and relationships. As a social venture intermediary, The Shaftesbury Partnership aims to bridge these disconnects – or market failures – and bring new systemic solutions to stubborn social issues. These solutions are characterised by five core elements of our approach:


We are passionate about tackling social and economic exclusion, especially where it is entrenched. Increasing social capital and reducing fear are vital. This means not only breaking down barriers, but building bridges – often between the state and civil society.


Thought leadership is crucial to The Shaftesbury Partnership. Our thinking is at a systemic level, unconstrained by the assumptions and inhibitions of the established norms, and we are committed to perfecting our ideas through on-going learning and iteration. We believe in the difficult task of building simple ideas that work in complex environments.


Our people are fundamental to the work we do at The Shaftesbury Partnership. We work with entrepreneurial people with excellent track records in the private, public and third sectors. Our venture teams have a deep understanding of the intractable social disadvantages they are tackling, the business skills to build and rapidly scale sustainable solutions, and the values to remain committed to our mission.


Our aim is for our ventures to become recognised as being best in breed, setting the bar for others in the sector. The business skills and sector knowledge of our people are essential in delivering this execution, as are their experiences of starting and scaling organisations across sectors. A focus on high-quality execution is a vital foundation for building a scalable solution.


We believe that the rapid scaling of social interventions is the best way to ensure our mission of trailblazing social reforms that have genuine impact. Our focus on ideas, people and execution is born out of deep experience in successful scaling and replication. The model of scale, and the sustainable financial model at its heart, must be driven by the market structure and form of delivery.