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Retirement Transition Initiative

For the individual, retirement – like many other life transitions – can be a challenging time, involving difficult lifestyle changes and choices. This is often compounded by other transitions such as starting to care for grandchildren, relocation, illness, and bereavement. Against the current backdrop of austerity and rising health and social care needs, there is an urgent need to support retirees in managing these transitions.

Our programme, Retirement Transition Initiative, (previously "National Retirement Service"), will equip people who are around the retirement transition with the information, networks, resilience, and opportunities they need in order to continue purposeful activity post-retirement. It will aim to improve the economic outcomes, health, and wellbeing of both the individual and their community.

Participants will have the opportunity to build social capital with networks of peers, while learning about the challenges of later life and exploring how they can use their existing skills – or new ones – to continue purposeful activity and connect with their communities.