Some examples

The Shaftesbury Partnership’s advice and consultancy work ranges from early stage community-based projects, to the expansion of successful social enterprises, to reviewing strategies for larger clients. Please find below a few examples that show the breadth of our work:

Johnson & JohnsonSP provided knowledge, guidance and hands-on project work to develop a social value procurement strategy for this leading multinational health care company. Our ability to broker connections between large corporates and social enterprises was considered highly valuable, and resulted in a growing number of social enterprises on the J&J Preferred Supplier List.

Big Lottery Fund Scotland: We were approached to provide recommendations for scaling and replication to increase the impact of investment they had made. We based these on theories of change, meta-analysis of ‘best practice’ interventions and existing knowledge within SP.

Bristol Together: This successful social enterprise approached us for advice on how to proceed with replication of the Bristol Together model. Our recommendations resulted in formation of the umbrella ‘Together Group’. We were engaged for follow up work and have continued to support their development.

The Living Room: We were referred by the Christopher Laing Foundation to produce a feasibility report on replication to other parts of the UK. SP has taken an ongoing interest in the health and development of the organisation, and we have been invited back for the next stage of work.

Nehemiah Project: This London-based residential programme that rehabilitates men from addiction and crime invited SP to assess options for growth and replication. NP welcomed our recommendations, and we have an ongoing relationship with them as they implement and assess SP’s next stage of work.  

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