RTI presented at Age of No Retirement event in Manchester


Shaftesbury Partnership participated in the Age of No Retirement conference earlier this week, an ambitious event held in Manchester with the underlying theme of joining the dots and connectedness for older people and practitioners.

Our Retirement Transition Initiative (RTI) was presented for the first time at the conference by the 3 key stakeholders behind the programme: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Jaguar Land Rover and Shaftesbury Partnership. The aim of RTI is to maximise the resilience and agency of people in the pre- and early retirement phases of life through helping them build social capital, skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of later life.

The programme, based around a weekend of information sessions, workshops and other activities, is currently being piloted with 6 cohorts in 3 UK locations. Patrick Shine presented initial feedback and learning from the first three cohorts, noting that delivery partners had found it easier than expected to engage local employers. David Birtwistle of Jaguar Land Rover read out an email from a participant which highlighted the importance of the RTI approach in addressing health and mental wellbeing as well as financial planning.

The next stage of the programme involves further pilot delivery in Southampton and Wigan in the weeks to come. Contact us at info@shaftesburypartnership.org to find out more about RTI and to explore how you or your organisation could get involved.

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