Retirement Transition Initiative - Update


The last few weeks have been very busy with great strides being made in developing the pilot of our Retirement Transition Initiative (RTI) programme. We have run several focus groups in the pilot locations, with the help of North Staffs Housing Association, Beth Johnson Foundation and Coventry University, and we greatly appreciate the support that these organisations have provided to us in putting these sessions together.

Significant developments have also been made in designing a prototype phase of this programme. This is a smaller and shortened version of the pilot and a critical ‘test’ to many aspects of the programme, giving the team an opportunity to assess and refine the design before launching the pilot stage.

As our work progresses, we continue to learn about retirement as a transition and what this stage of life means and the challenges faced by those ‘retiring’. This period in life is often accompanied by disrupted social networks, a lost sense of identity, and a lack of meaningful activity, which can contribute to mental and physical health issues in later life. The RTI programme seeks to increase resilience for those transitioning into retirement and support them in making the most of their time, experience and skills.

To find out more about RTI, contact Paul Gutteridge.

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