Retirement Transition Initiative - from design to prototype to pilot


Significant progress is being made in the design of Shaftesbury Partnership’s latest venture, our Retirement Transition Initiative (RTI). The programme, which provides people approaching retirement with support and advice on financial planning, health, post-retirement work and opportunities to build stronger local networks, has moved from research and focus groups to a prototype - a critical test of our design and some of our main assumptions prior to rolling out a full pilot programme in the New Year.

Earlier this month we ran that prototype in Stoke, with fifteen local residents attending a two-day event facilitated by Active Age Planning Ltd. Participants came from a diverse range of backgrounds, including a couple who were 1000 Lives Community Champions, some from North Staffordshire Housing Association, a couple who were retired from the finance sector and others who had heard of the programme through their local churches or the 50+ Engage Forum.

We would like to thank the Beth Johnson Foundation, Active Age Planning Ltd, North Staffordshire Housing Association and Saltbox for all their input in preparation for the prototype. Once we have reviewed the outcomes of the prototype, we will begin making plans for our pilot programme, which will take place in Stoke, Manchester and Coventry.

To find out more about RTI, contact Paul Gutteridge

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