Nat Wei nominated to House of Lords and appointed as advisor to the Government on Big Society


Press Release: General statement in response to Nat Wei’s nomination to House of Lords and appointment as advisor to the Government on Big Society

The Partners and staff of the Shaftesbury Partnership are delighted that the contribution that Nat Wei, Partner, has made to civil society has been recognised in his nomination by David Cameron to join the House of Lords as a Conservative peer and his appointment as advisor to the Government on Big Society.

His appointment recognises the importance of the work of SP and other organisations in developing strategies to address social exclusion and inequality, and the importance of civil society in addressing these challenges Nat founded the Shaftesbury Partnership having co-founded Teach First and Future Leaders, both mould-breaking schemes that have successfully attracted significant talent into the education sector.

Through the Shaftesbury Partnership, Nat has been involved in creating a number of organisations including The Challenge Network – a charity that promotes civic service for young people – and FranchisingWorks, a social enterprise helping people into work.

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