Looking Up in Lewisham


With funding secured from both the Calhouste Gulbenkian and the Lankelly Chase Foundations, Looking Up has recently started ground-breaking business design work in Lewisham.

There are an estimated 60,000 individuals in the UK who face a complex interaction of problems in the areas such as homelessness, mental health, substance misuse and the criminal justice system. They are likely to be chaotic users of multiple services or may be excluded from mainstream support, and they often make heavy use of emergency services such as the police and A&E. Looking Up will address these issues by developing "consistent trusted adults" taking a relationship approach and equipped with pooled individual budgets.

In conjunction with Lewisham, which is an innovative local authority, our Venture Lead, David Baker is doing a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by those with multiple and complex needs in that borough, as well as engaging with council officers, commissioners and service providers. Through this first-hand experience of what is happening on the ground, The Shaftesbury Partnership  will be able to develop a robust operational model to help deliver services in a new way.

David Baker said “We passionately believe that those with multiple and complex needs will benefit from a more personalised approach – and that is why it is so important our business model is designed in the real world, with real people in mind.”

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