Jaguar Land Rover confirms support for Retirement Transition Initiative (RTI)


Shaftesbury Partnership is delighted to announce that it is working with Jaguar Land Rover and local delivery partners in Coventry, Stoke and Wigan to pilot our new Retirement Transition Initiative (RTI) venture.

The programme assists people approaching retirement with the support needed to take charge of their transition to later life; by planning for the future, building self-help networks, and so continuing in purposeful activity post-retirement. The design is informed by research, focus groups and prototyping carried out in the last two years. For the pilot, which begins in early 2015, we have signed up Mozaic Innovate, Saltbox and Campaign For Learning as local delivery partners in Coventry, Stoke and Wigan respectively. A key part of their work is to build links with local employers, who will act as referral channels to recruit participants into the programme. The programme is jointly funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Jaguar Land Rover PLC

Patrick Shine, Lead Partner at Shaftesbury Partnership commented, “We are really pleased to be working with such high calibre local delivery partners. They will give us lots of insight into how the programme works best, and can be sustainable and scalable post-pilot.”

In keeping with the aims of the programme, we are keen to expand our own knowledge and networks at Shaftesbury Partnership in order to best serve the communities in which RTI will be delivered. If you are a charity or organisation concerned with health, wellbeing, community cohesion, ageing, personal development, loneliness, social isolation or any of the other topics mentioned above; if you’re a business, wishing to support your local community or your employees; if you’re an individual approaching retirement, or recently retired, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Andy Daly at or call 020 7620 1211.


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