Case Study: Janet Thorpe

Franchisor: Creation Station

Greater Manchester resident Janet Thorpe from Macclesfield recently launched her children’s activity business delivering creative arts and crafts classes and parties to children.

Janet felt she wanted to run a crafty business and after some research discovered the Creation Station. After attending our find out about franchising workshops she quickly pursued her interests in the Creation Station and commenced her journey into starting her business. Janet recently won Franchisee of the month out of 90+ franchisees for her passion and speed in developing her business.

FranchisingWorks UK Programme Manager, Ben Rogers comments:

“The speed, diligence and acumen shown by Janet was truly an exception to the rule. Within two weeks a complete due diligence and business plan application was complete, this process alone usually takes on average 12 weeks. I am convinced that Janet will develop to become one of the leading UK Franchisees for the Creation Station brand”

Janet launched her Creation Station franchise in May 2015 and says:

“By the time I went on a workshop I had made my decision about which franchise and was put in contact with FranchisingWorks for support with my business plan, profit and loss, cash flow and application for a loan. Ben’s help was outstanding. Having a really short deadline to get everything done, FranchisingWorks made sure I didn’t leave anything out or cut corners. Their advice, practical support and calmness made sure I focused on the business aspects rather than getting carried away with the excitement and creative side of the business. Readily available for meetings, email contact and phone, the support was prompt, detailed and easy to understand. I have already been recommending FranchisingWorks and will continue to sing their praises.”