Case Study: Class Careers

Class Careers work to connect school leavers to large employers, using innovative, digital technology that young people can relate to. This is with the aim to increase the employment opportunities offered by large employers to school leavers, rather than graduates.

What they needed

Chris Orthodoxou, the founder, is very ambitious and focussed with a very clear vision for his company which he communicated well from the outset. He tried wherever possible to discuss his thoughts and ask for advice on the types of connections he was after; whether they were potential staff, customers or strategic partners.

What we did

By getting a fast understanding of Chris and the purpose of his venture, Mona Bani (Network Manager) was able to utilise her knowledge of, and network in, the education and youth sector and make a variety of different types of connections for Class Careers.

What they said

"Mona has been a great support of Class Careers whenever we needed her. She took the time to thoroughly understand what we do as an organisation and also the aims and direction of the company in order to provide us with the most useful and valuable connections. I only wish that I'd have made more use of her expansive knowledge and network whilst on Big Venture Challenge." Christos Orthodoxou, Founder, Class Careers

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