Case Study: The Alternative School

The Alternative School was founded by Kirsty-Anne Pugh to provide an education programme for young people who require a smaller, nurturing and individual approach to their education. The school works with families that are struggling with crime, addiction and other issues to build self-esteem and confidence in its pupils, while giving them the qualifications and tools they need to move forward in life.

To date, The Alternative School has supported over 300 pupils to gain qualifications, build their confidence with 100% of full-time pupils moving onto further education, employment or apprenticeships, potentially saving the public purse an estimated £23 million pounds in direct and indirect costs.

What they needed

Kirsty needed support in developing an expansion strategy, including the decision on where to open the next school, and she needed support in building a board.

What we did

Pauline Doyle, one of Shaftesbury Partnership’s Network Managers, connected Kirsty to Liz Cross of The Connectives, who gave Kirsty advice on finding the right board members. We also identified suitable candidates and provided CVs for Kirsty to review.

In terms of the growth strategy, Pauline organised a team day and facilitated a visual mapping session to scope out who The Alternative School’s key partners were, and identified and brokered the key connections that would help to build a pipeline. 

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